BCLV – Bocce Standings – Week 3

Dear BCLV Member,

Well we just completed our 3rd week and boy was it a HUMID one! I am looking forward to next week when

the temperatures will drop to the double digits! Yippee!

Thank you…Thank you! The 50/50 raffle brought in $58 to the club and Doug McKenrick – Team

Boccenova won $58. CONGRATULATIONS, Doug!

There are seven (7) members that haven’t paid their dues. You know who you are! Please see me at the table

to avoid me hunting you down!! Ha! Ha!

If you heard through the grapevine about my weekly emails and you are not receiving them, come see me.


Bocce Club of Las Vegas
FALL 2015 League
1 Insurgents 8 Boccesmo
2 Grannie’s Kids 9 Bocclicious
3 Boccenova 10 All Bocced-Up
4 Bocce Babes 11 Fuhgetabocce
5 Hibocce Grillers 12 Ma Shooz
6 Dynasty 13 Boccelism
7 Bocce Ringers 14 Holy Rollers
COURT 1 3 4 5 6 7 8
Sept. 1 12-4 13-2 14-7 9-6 8-11 10-1 3-5
Standings as of September 1, 2015
1 All Bocced-Up 9 0
2 Dynasty 8 1
3 Boccenova 7 2
4 Fuhgetabocce 6 3
5 Boccelism 5 4
5 Boccesmo 5 4
5 Grannie’s Kids 5 4
5 Ma Shooz 5 4
9 Hibocce Grillers 4 5
10 Bocce Ringers 3 6
11 Bocce Babes 2 7
11 Bocclicious 2 7
13 Holy Rollers 1 8
13 Insurgents 1 8

See you on the Bocce Courts!

Roxann Zunino

Bocce Club of Las Vegas

Co-Founder/Secretary/League Coordinator


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