Bocce Stats – Week 5

Dear Bocce Club Of Las Vegas Club Member,

After two CRAZY weeks of wind, it was so nice to play bocce with just a gentle breeze. It is hard to believe that we have already played five (5) weeks of bocce. The team standings are really starting to take shape. We have eight (8) more weeks to go.

· The Bocce Awards Banquet date has been changed to Tuesday, June 23rd. Mark your calendars – More to come!

· Corporate Challenge will be held at JayCee park on Saturday, May 7th. Corporate Challenge is organized by the City of Las Vegas. Corporate Challenge invites local companies and organizations to compete in approximately 41 different sports in the spirit of the Olympics.

o On Tuesday, April 28, a Corporate Challenge bocce team representing Southwest Gas Corporation will be practicing at 6:00pm on bocce courts 9 or 10. Please make them feel welcomed.

· Cub Scouts of America – Pack 465 – on Wednesday, May 6th, Roxann Del Vecchio is volunteering her time to teach 15 Cub Scouts the game of bocce. The Scout Leader found the Bocce Club of Las Vegas on the internet and didn’t hesitate to call and make an inquiry. Roxann will teach boys, ages 8-11 at Patriot Park with their parents. Jack Zunino has offered his assistance to help teach the game and conduct some marketing on the side for our club. Flyers and business cards have been made to pass out to all interested parties.

· 50/50 Raffle – Thank you to everyone that supports the 50/50 raffle. This money is used for the Awards Banquet food, awards and raffle prizes. We appreciate your continued support! Last Tuesday, we collected $114. The winning ticket was drawn by Danielle Andrews, a 4 year old 1st time bocce spectator (Grand daughter of Dan Andrews – Team Grannies kids)

Kirk HartleTeam Boccelism. Kirk walked away with $57. Congratulations Kirk and thanks for your support!

Below are the bocce stats. If you see a mistake, please contact me ASAP.

Thank you,




Bocce Club of Las Vegas
Spring 2015 League
1 A Bocce Team 8 Holy Rollers
2 Ma Shooz 9 Dynasty
3 Ivan’s Team 10 Grannie’s Kids
4 Boccenova 11 DeBoccery
5 The Ballers 12 Boccesmo
6 Bocce Babes 13 Bocce Ringers
7 Bocclicious 14 Boccelism
COURT 1 3 4 5 6 7 8
April 28 13-10 5-12 9-3 2-7 1-6 4-8 14-11
Standings as of April 28
1 Boccelism 15 0
1 Dynasty 15 0
3 DeBoccery 13 2
4 Boccenova 9 6
4 Ivan’s Team 9 6
6 The Ballers 8 7
7 A Bocce Team 7 8
8 Bocclicious 6 9
8 Ma Shooz 6 9
9 Bocce Ringers 5 10
11 Boccesmo 4 11
11 Holy Rollers 4 11
13 Grannie’s Kids 3 12
14 Bocce Babes 1 14

Roxann Del Vecchio

Bocce Club of Las Vegas

Co-Founder/Secretary/League Coordinator


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