Bocce Stats- WEEK 3

Hello Bocce Member,

It was another great evening to play Bocce. The City finally turned the lights on about

7:15 pm after Jack called them AGAIN. Thanks Jack! J

Another new member Joined our league via the Bocce Club of Las Vegas (BCLV) Website

· Ivan’s Team – Tom LeFevre

My apologies. I failed to mention in Week 1 the 12 new BCLV members that

joined our league. They are:

· A Bocce Team – Kim Stanfel

· A Bocce Team – Chad Wooten

· A bocce Team – Chris Reed

· Ivan’s Team – Jim Marion

· Bocce Babes – Lori Morales

· Bocce Babes – Maggie Fitzgerald

· Bocce Babes – Katherine Caballer

· Bocce Babes – Joni Arnhart

· Boccelicious – Kris McWilliams

· Grannies Kids – Dan Andrews

· DeBoccery – Seth Trotter

· Boccesmo – Shane Ice

AND “Welcome Back” to the following 7 BCLV members:

· Ivan’s Team – Ivan Sterpin

· The Ballers – Chris Colianni

· The Ballers – Chris Colianni, JR

· The Ballers – Ron Tripodi

· The Ballers – Bob Deneen

· Holy Rollers – Jayson DiContignano

· Boccesmo – Ernie Freggiaro

The Bocce Club of Las Vegas is 67 members STRONG!

Several people have asked me if they could have a copy of the Bocce Rules or a copy of the Master Play Schedule.

These documents and many more are on our website. Just click the below Bocce Club of Las Vegas website link.

PS We have a Picture Gallery too!

A word from our President, James Cloud – he has asked all members that smoke to be courteous to our Non-Smoking members.

Please try and smoke as far away from the end of the bocce court as possible. This is greatly appreciated.

To AVOID the old POTLUCK style dinner

Don’t forget to SEE Roxann Each week to get your 50/50 Raffle tickets….

Remember, that is how we pay for our Awards Dinner & Prizes!

50/50 Drawing

We collected a total of $119 for the 50/50 drawing. Thank you to ALL that participated in the drawing.

· Congratulations to Diann Lebsack – Team Grannie’s Kids. She won $59

Below are the stats for WEEK 3 – If you see any errors, contact me immediately.


Bocce Club of Las Vegas
Spring 2015 League
1 A Bocce Team 8 Holy Rollers
2 Ma Shooz 9 Dynasty
3 Ivan’s Team 10 Grannie’s Kids
4 Boccenova 11 DeBoccery
5 The Ballers 12 Boccesmo
6 Bocce Babes 13 Bocce Ringers
7 Bocclicious 14 Boccelism
COURT 1 3 4 5 6 7 8
March 31 12-4 13-2 14-7 9-6 8-11 10-1 3-5
Standings as of March 31
1 Boccelism 9 0
1 Dynasty 9 0
3 DeBoccery 7 2
3 Ivan’s Team 7 2
5 The Ballers 6 3
6 Bocclicious 5 4
7 A Bocce Team 4 5
7 Ma Shooz 4 5
9 Bocce Ringers 3 6
9 Boccenova 3 6
11 Boccesmo 2 7
11 Holy Rollers 2 7
13 Bocce Babes 1 8
13 Grannie’s Kids 1 8
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