Bocce Club of Las Vegas 2015 Banquet Party

Happy Thanksgiving from the Bocce Club of Las Vegas Board of Directors.

The Fall Bocce Banquet was a big success. Thank you ALL for being so generous. We collected

$534 in raffle money.

Winners included:

Door Prize – Bottle of Wine – Jim Zingale

Redi – Cool Misting System – Derek Jackson

Smoothie System – Mark Stets

Massaging Cushion – Bill Loos

Three 5 Gallon Plants – Bob D’Onifrio

Three more 5 Gallon Plants – Bob D’Onifrio

15 Gallon Sago Palm – Kirk Hartle

$50 EBay Gift Card – Lori Morales

$50 Fandango Gift Card – Don Presser

$50 Kohl’s Gift Card – Kent Wallace

$50 Smiths Gift Card – Lori Morales

$50 BJ’s Gift Card – Bob Deneen

$50 Amazon Gift Card – Tyler Cloud

P/S A special thank you to Jim Marion for donating gifts for the raffle.

League Winners included:

1st Place – Team Dynasty – Kent Wallace, Pete Leggiero, Mark Stets, Caitlin Lorelli. Bill Loos, and Scott Fauske

2nd Place – Team Boccelism – James Cloud, Jack Zunino, Tyler Cloud, Derek Jackson, and Kirk Hartle

3rd Place – Boccenova – Doug McKenrick, Brenda Larrison, Patty McKenrick, and Terry Larrison

4th Place – All Bocced Up – Kim Stanfel, Jeff Farrior, Chad Wooten, and Chris Reed

Special Awards:

Hibocce Grillers – First ALL Father’s and Son’s Team – Garrett Presser, Garner Presser, Don Presser, Seth Trotter and Kurt Trotter

Keep the Dream Alive – 2 youngest league Bocce players:

Cydney Caballer

Danton DiCotignano

James Cloud was presented with a special award from his team on behalf of the Club of a Pallino with all the team names. It was a sight to behold.

Also, Bob D’Onifrio presented Roxann Zunino with a dozen long stem yellow roses for all her hard work. What a thrill that was.

Click on the below link to see the party pictures.

Keep an eye out for updates…


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