9/20/16 – Fall Newletter & Standings

Hello BCLV Members,

What a beautiful night!  Many of us thought it was going to rain including Father Jay but, we were fooled!  It was a beautiful night; 78 degrees!  A couple upsets last night in the standings… That’s okay! Its shows our teams are getting better and better.

Last night Team Boccelism had a Forfeit but, that didn’t stop them from getting out and playing a practice game.  James Cloud introduced his new son-in-law Chis Gardner to the game and Jack Zunino had his youngest son Jake Zunino playing.  Fun was had by all!

New Members – No new Members this week.


Chris Reed – 9/19 – Team Bocch Slapped

         Happy Birthday – May all your Birthday Dreams Come True!

50/50 Raffle – Congratulations to Garner Presser – Team Hibocce Grillers.  Garner won $43 in the 50/50 Raffle!  Thank you everyone for supporting our club and participating in the 50/50 drawings.  YOU really makes a big difference!

I forgot to mention last week that Tammy French donated a 4-piece box of Ethel-M Candy for the drawing. My apologies.  Thank you!

BYE Game – Boccesmo has a Bye on Tuesday, September 27!

If you would like me to make a special announcement in our Bocce Newsletters send me your birthday, anniversary, or special event, etc.  and I will be happy to include it.

Below are the weekly stats.

Ciao, Roxann