9/27/16 – Fall Newletter & Standings


Hello BCLV Members,

This is week 9 with 6 weeks to go.  Last night was a great night to play bocce!  A little warm but before you know it the cold weather will start creeping in and we will be complaining it’s too cold, or at least I will.

New Members No new Members this week.



John Prescia – 9/1 – Team Bocce Ringers

Judy Ciccoritti – 9/24 – Team Grannie’s Kids

         Happy Birthday – May all your Birthday Dreams Come True!

50/50 Raffle – Congratulations to Kim Stanfel – Team All Bocced Up.  Kim won $50 in the 50/50 Raffle! 

Thank you everyone for supporting our club and participating in the 50/50 drawings.  YOU really makes a big difference!

BYE Game – Boccelism has a Bye on Tuesday, October 4th!

 If you would like me to make a special announcement in our Bocce Newsletters send me your birthday, anniversary,

or special event, etc.  and I will be happy to include it. 

Below are the weekly stats.

Ciao, Roxann