Bocce Club of Las Vegas – OFFICIAL REGULATIONS – April 2014

1. Team: A team shall consist of a minimum of 4 players and alternate players. A team member/alternate must be on the current roster with a paid membership.

2. 3 Players: If a team temporarily has only 3 players available to play, one team member will be designated as a “walker” which means that player will be allowed to act as the 4th player. The “Walker” will play 2 balls from each end. All players will alternate being walker for 3 games.

3. 2 Players: If a team temporarily has 2 players available to play, rather than forfeiting the game, the 2 players are assigned to opposite ends of the court and will play a total of 3 balls each.

4. Player Substitution: A team member can be inserted into a game at any time after the completion of a round. However, the player replaced cannot re-enter until the next game. Only one substitution per team during a game.

5. Start of Game: The match shall begin with the flip of a coin between the Captains from each team. The winner of the coin flip may have the first toss of the pallino or choose the color of the balls. Games are played to 12 points.

6. Late Arrivals or No-Show: Matches begin at 7:00 p.m. A team that is not present within 15 minutes after the starting time forfeits 1 game; 7:30, forfeits second game; at 7:45 the team that is not present is considered a No-show and forfeits all three games.

7. Pallino: The starting team must toss the Pallino to a valid position past the center or the “in play” line. If the pallino does not cross the center line or hits the back wall on the first toss the same player tosses the pallino again.
If the player fails on the second toss, the opposing team gains possession of the pallino. If this player fails to put the pallino in play tossing will alternate between teams until the pallino is in play. When the pallino has been properly put into play, the first bocce ball will be thrown by the player who originally tossed the pallino.

8. Pallino: In the event the pallino is either bocced out of the court or comes back over the center line, play will be terminated, and the starting team resumes play from the original side. If a bocce ball goes out of the court it is considered dead on impact and is removed from play.

9. Bocce Ball: If the first thrown ball of the starting team touches the backboard without first hitting the pallino the ball is dead and is removed from the court. The same team must roll again until they keep a ball in play.

10. Bocce ball: If a bocce ball that doesn’t hit any ball on the court returns from the back wall into the field of play and hits another ball and/or the pallino, the thrown ball is out of play (dead) and the pallino and or other balls are placed back to the approximate original positions.

11. Ball from other alley: If any balls are disturbed by a ball thrown from another alley, play will start over.

12. Wrong color: If a player throws the wrong color ball, it shall be replaced with the correct color and play shall continue.

13. Rolling out of Turn: If a team throws a ball out of turn, i.e. the team has the point and still rolls another ball; the ball will remain in play and play will continue.

14. Confer: Only the captain may walk past the center line to see a play or confer with their team. This must be done in a reasonable length of time preferably in less than a minute.

15. Tie: In the case of a tie in the distance from the pallino to 2 or more balls, the first ball holding the point is the winning point. There are no ties.

16. Rescheduling Games: If your team is unable to play on the designated night you will receive three (3) forfeits. The team captain is required to email the League Coordinator ASAP so arrangements can be made for the opposing team.

17. Disputes must be resolved by the team captains. If unable to reach a resolution, the SGT. at Arms will make the final ruling.


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